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Spring Hill Coin & Gold Buyers we BUY Graded Sports Cards. We are here to help you with Sports Card & Memorabilia Grading. Want to know more information? Unsure of where to begin? Let us help you!

Who Does the Grading?

There are three main companies Vermillion Enterprises trusts with Sports Card & Memorabilia Grading. They are:

  1. PSA – Professional Sports Authenticator
  2. BGS – Beckett Grading Services
  3. SGC – Sportscard Guaranty Corporation


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How Are Sports Cards & Memorabilia Graded?


Card grading is based on four main factors:

  1. Centering
  2. Corners
  3. Edges
  4. Surface

Each factor has a grading scale of 1-10. The average of the combination of those four factors gives you the final grading of the card as a whole.

What Are The Basic Requirements of the Grading Factors?
  1. First refers to the width of the border. The right, left, top, and bottom should be equal. But not all cards will have a border. In those instances, it is based on how the card looks. If it looks unbalanced, uneven, unsymetrical, skewed, as a whole, its centering grade will be low. However, if the card appears balanced in appearance, it will receive a high centering grade.

  2. Corners:

    This is a very important factor in the grading process. Crucial at that. The corners are the pillar to impeccible gradings. Sharp, crisp corners are the gold key. Both front and back views of the card. Inner corners are also very important on relic/memorabilia cards. Inner corners? Yep! The ones created when a piece of jersey is included. Those corners can count against you as well.

  3. Edges:

    Edges are another important factor. But not nearly as crucial as the corners. Coloration should be consistent and edges should be sharp. On both front and back of card. Imperfections on the edges to take note of are: discoloration, dents, or dings. Small white spots aren’t as crucial, but should be noted.

  4. Surface:

    Non-refractor cards that are faded can result in a lowering of the score. Refractor cards with scratching should be watched out for, as that can lower those cards scoring as well. Including foiling. Other imperfections to take note of include: creasing, discoloration, water marks, stains, and printing ink smears (mostly on pre-1980 cards).

  5. Autographs:

    Side Note: This is graded on fading, ink smearing, and centering. However, the autograph grade is separate from the card grade. An autograph is graded mainly for authenticity. However, most grading companies will only grade a card autograph if it came out of the pack. Not something you had signed at the game.


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Grading Factors Example:

For instance, let’s use this T206 Piedmont 150 Ty Cobb, Portrait Green Baseball Card. Graded by PSA a PR 1. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss the different grades shortly. But for now let’s learn how the grading factors in.


Let’s Review with the Grading Factors

Please keep in mind that this is a basic overview of the grading factors. Each Grading Company has a grading scale based off these factors. We will get to that though.

Centering: The card is misaligned. This happens often with mass printing. How is it misaligned? The right-side white border is thicker than the left-side white border. The top white border is smaller than both right and left-side white borders.

Corners: The corners are rounded, some folding, tearing, and tattering. To maximize a score in this factor, the corners should be crisp.

Edges: There is tattering and peeling along the edges. Like the corners, to maximize scoring, these should be crisp.

Surface: There are stains (bottom right corner), fading on the white as a whole. Crease marks throughout the card. In order to maximize a great score. The color should be pristine, free of fading and staining. The surface should be free of scratches, and especially creases.

How This Card Was Graded – Scale of 1 – 10

Centering: 1

Corners: 1

Edges: 1

Surface: 1

The total = 4. The average of that score is 1. The Card is Graded overall as a “1”. Okay, that was an easy one!


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Note: Most older cards WILL graded lower than newer cards. It does not mean older cards are less valuable than newer cards. I.e. A PSA PR 1 – it should be noted that not all “PR 1″‘s are alike. We discuss PSA’s “PR” grading HERE. Anyway, some can generate some serious CASH! Choosing which cards to have graded and which not to is a separate part of the process.

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For instance, take this T206 Honus Wagner. It was graded a “PR 1” by PSA. However, this particular card, according to PSA, sold for $609,294. A card in terrible shape, but a rare and highly sought after card. Okay, it’s the most sought after card in the Baseball Card Collector World!

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Grading Scales by Company:

PSA Grading Scales – Sports Cards

PSA Grades on a Scale of 1-10. They do offer half point grades on cards only. A half grade is added when: “a card must exhibit centering that is 5-10% better, at minimum, than the lowest % allowed within a particular grade.” Additional information and complete understanding of PSA Half-Point Grades

However, for the most part, PSA focuses on a whole point grading scale. CLICK HERE for a Reference Guide to PSA Grading Scale & Examples.

PSA Grading – Qualifiers

PSA Grading Scales – Baseballs

Learn about the PSA Graded Autograph Baseball Grading Scale HERE! It does have a slight difference to it in the grading process. As the baseball itself is graded separately from the autograph and given an overall grade as well.

BGS – Beckett Grading Scales

BGS -Beckett- Grades on a Scale of 1-10. However, they also include descending one-half point increments into their grading. They offer easily identifiable Color Coding as well. Top-graded cards have either a Gold or Silver Label. All other Grades have a white label. CLICK HERE for a Reference Guide to BGS Grading Scale & Examples.

SGC Grading Scales

SGC Grades on a Scale of 1-10. Including one-half point grades and double 10’s. Double 10’s? What’s that? It’s a combo of PSA Gem Mint 10 and a BGS Pristine 10. Additionally, SGC grades jerseys as well. Authentic jerseys that is. CLICK HERE for a Reference Guide to SGC Grading Scale.


Common Questions:

  1. Sports Card Grading – Who is Better?
  2. Do all Grading Companies use qualifiers?

Live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding counties – Pinellas, Hillsborough, Citrus, stop in and say hi! We are interested in buy -ing your PSA, BGS, or SGC Graded Sports Cards.

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Florida Residents: We BUY PSA, BGS, and SGC Graded Sports Cards! Locally & All Over Florida. In-Store & With Mail In Services!

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